After a week full of somewhat personal posts, I'm back to the regular routine and this means back to interior design goodness for you all!
 Over the years, I've trained myself to snuggle up under a blanket while watching TV.  In fact, if I'm watching a show without one, I feel pretty naked. That's why in the middle of summer, on a hot hot day, you'll still find me snuggled up under a throw.

My top choice would be a Hermes throw. They are so elegant, and yet I think the trademark 'H' adds some quirk.
Unfortunately, at nearly $1000 a pop, I will probably never own one of these.

As a second (more realistic) option, I'm also loving this throw spotted in Cassandra Lavalle's bedroom.
This throw is by Lemlem textiles. These are closer to $300. A great lightweight option!
Lastly, the throws by Coco Cozy are so lovely. It uses the company logo, which reminds me of an elaborate  greek key.
These are also around $300. The price is still a bit steep for me, but it could be worth the investment as it's both a functional and beautiful piece. Afterall, what's the use of having a gorgeous couch if you cover it up with a less than lovely blanket?
Which of these is your favourite?