I've been cramming in all of PLL's season 2 episodes to get caught up before season 3 kicks off tonight. Do any of you watch Pretty Little Liars?
To celebrate the new season, I thought I would reveal my favourite bedroom in the show. 

Spencer's Bedroom {and why I love it}

#1) The Wallpaper
 How gorgeous is this floral wallpaper? I love the subtle pallet! I can picture using it in a glam dressing room. Designed by Nina Campbell.
(I also am infatuated with the wallpaper in Hanna's bedroom, but I can't find a source anywhere!..I'm also not sure if it is feathers or butterflies, I just know it's amazing!)UPDATE: A big thank you to reader Clara who found this gorgeous wallpaper source HERE. It's feathers!) See below:

2) The Bedding

Spencer mixes black toile and raspberry toile for an eclectic yet unified look. I've always been a fan of toile in small doses! I used it on the seat of my desk chair!

3) The Desk Area

Okay, yes it's chaotic...but the designer in me is so connected with this space! Look at the decor magazines, the wallpaper samples and and fabric swatches! The over the top inspiration board! The wire chair! Drooling.
Which bedroom on the show is YOUR favourite. They are all pretty fabulous! The countdown is on people! Happy watching.
Tiffany Leigh
ps. My other guilty pleasure shows include the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. Hbu?