In exactly one week, I turn 22. I hope it brings many exciting opportunities my way (and maybe a few bday goodies). I've put together this little list, just in case anybody in my life needs some ideas (aren't I thoughtful?):
1. Domino's Book of Decorating.
All of my fave design blogger's go to book, and it looks fab on a coffee table vignette!

2. I See Noise Prints.
I like the Chanel No. 5 and the Miss Dior (the first perfume my bf ever bought me!).

3. A white serving tray like this one...or maybe lucite.
Perfect for on top of an upholstered ottoman.

4. A coral skirt with pleats like this one.
So gorgeous, trendy, summery, and fun. 

5. A pair of pearl studs.
They are subtle enough for every day use & always a classic.

6. A Bfrend Bracelet.
The hot pink with gold chain is fierce! Been spotting these all over the blogosphere lately.

And there we are friends and family! Nothing too crazy or expensive. Hint hint, nudge nudge. Clocks a ticking! (I'm only kidding...sort of). 
Tiffany Leigh