It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to..
Okay, I don't actually want to cry, but I must admit that I am a bit sad to see my 21st year coming to a close as I turn 22 today!
I feel like at 21 I grew up so much. I made some important life, schooling, and career decisions, and took a risk by changing my entire life plan from school teacher to interior designer. I also completed my (first) undergrad degree. Some big accomplishments I'd say.
That only means that 22 has some big boots to fill!
While I'm 22 I will move out of the house and the city where I was born and raised to move to Toronto for design school. I can only imagine all of the goodness that is to come and I am so excited.
On this Birthday, I feel so blessed, and thank God for all he has given me each day.