Even though you wouldn't think of a long sleeved, full and loose black gown as the most flattering thing in the world, isn't it true that everybody looks amazing in a grad gown? It's a look that says success and accomplishment. I am so proud that on Friday, I got to don one of these and cross the stage to receive my diploma for my Bachelor's Degree in Honours English, with Distinction.
^ I'm also so astounded that I won the Gold Medal in English. This award is a huge honour, given to the graduating student who has the highest academic standing on the whole of honours work in English. Winning this award brought tears to my eyes, and filled me with pride that my hard work and dedication paid off.
As I walk away from this chapter of my life, I am so thankful for the opportunities that the University of Guelph has given to me, for the lessons I have learned, the people I have met, the memories I have made, and the person that I have grown into.
It is so exciting that the next time I wear one of these gowns, it will be to receive my Bachelor of Interior Design!