Happy Friday everyone! Elizabeth from little black door here and I'm psyched that Tiffany asked me to come over today to play Favorite Furniture Friday. I try not to play favorites in my house when it comes to my furniture, but I've failed at that attempt because I most certainly do have a favorite. That would be the settee in my living room.
This sucker is like one of my children. And as much work as I put into it, I feel like I gave birth to this couch. It started out as a sad little thing in the back corner of an antique store. It smelled, had stains from I don't even want to know where, and the cushions were as thin as Victoria Beckham. 
After weeks of work I sanded, painted, stripped, unstapled, reupholstered, stapled and piped that sucker into one hot little number.
I love her so that I sometimes sit on the other side of the room just so I can admire her. She's comfy, beautiful and I'm proud to report still dog hair-free. I hope you love her too!
Thanks Tiffany for letting me brag about my baby! xoxo

Can you believe Elizabeth tackled that reupholstery on her own? The before is barely recognizable as the after, now that takes vision. Simly stunning!!! Now check out her blog!