For the past few months, I have been helping my parents redesign their formal living room. My parent's have very traditional tastes, so I kept that in mind when helping them to make selections. My favourite part of the room is the new floors and cushions!

But first! A peek at what the room used to look like. I had to dig back in the family archives for Christmas photos from 3 years ago! Here it is:
 And now the after... (We are still looking for the perfect coffee table and some accessories)

 My parents installed the new hardwood floors all by themselves! They turned out absolutely gorgeous!
The bird's eye view! (We have a loft that overlooks the living room).
My mom sewed the accent cushions. I love the finished product!
It's got a bit of a ways to go, but I'm thrilled with it! Wish I was a better photographer.
What do you think?
xox Tiffany Leigh