Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
Just wanted to quick pop in and say hello and leave you all with this valentine's day inspired room. I looooove the pendant, and all the little pink touches help to make this space feel feminine and chic.
 Today, Art History is my Valentine....romantic right?! I've got two back-to-back art history midterms.
In a perfect world, I'd have some adorable pink heart framed glasses to wear while I write them. Well, actually...in a perfect world I probably wouldn't have to back-to-back art history midterms but what can ya do! Here's a little peak at what I'm wearing to keep the holiday spirit alive:
Jeans & Watch: American Eagle, Clutch: Coach, Top: Dynamite, Shoes: Alfred Sung for Zellers
Sorry about the bad picture quality, I'm in a bit of a hurry!
 My realllll Valentine's Day date is in a couple of days, when I fly to Nova Scotia to visit the bf! I haven't seen him since he left after Christmas, so I'm pretty excited! It's also our one year anniversary on the 19th!
Me and my guy on my birthday in June! I cannot wait to see this man again!
 I've got a couple of really awesome guest bloggers lined up for while I'm away, doing some travel inspired posts that I know you will enjoy! Okay now I've really gotta go study! Wish me luck!

How are YOU spending Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear!
Tiffany Leigh