My dear readers, today is the big day of Design Attractor´s 1st giveaway, you can win pritns worht 38$ from my shop!

03.06.2011!!! Due to some days when commenting was not aviable - Giveaway will end on Monday evening, so feel free to join over the weekend!!!

31.05.2011!!!!!!!!! Blogger messed something up so message box was unaviable for some time - there is now pop up comment box aviable so you should be allowed to join giveaway whitout problems now!!!!!!!!!!

How to enter:
1.)  look at the ReStyle shop and post which prints you like, don´t forget  to leave a contact, so I can write you in case you win!

2.) follow designattractor blog / like restyle facebook page

- For a bonus entry, just blog / tweet / or share about it on facebook  linking back to it, then leave a comment here with a link to where it's posted

Giveaway ends friday 3rd  June.

Good luck to everybody!